How to Treat Root Canal Pain

By March 4, 2018Uncategorized

Are you struggling with pain from your recent root canal? Check out this great video that we found about treating root canal pain. Just in case the video doesn’t load properly, we have provided the transcript, as well.

Michelle: Are you having pain radiating from your tooth? Well my name’s Michelle and I’m a dental assistant and I’m going to explain to you on how you can treat root canal pain. First of all you definitely want to contact your general dentist and inform him that you are having pain. He might want to bring you in just for a consultation to see if it’s exactly a root canal issue. If it is, you might need to have what we call is a root canal therapy. And what that does, that procedure actually removes the nerve from your root canal, which then in return will lessen your pain because you will no longer have any more blood flow supplying to that tooth. So once when you remove the nerve, you’re removing the blood flow and you’re also removing the pain.

Michelle: Also you could until you call your general dentist, you can get an antibiotic from your pharmacy or you can purchase over the counter medication as far as Advil, Tylenol. All of those will help lessen your root canal pain. It won’t take it away automatically but it’ll lessen it. You definitely need to see your general dentist so therefore he would be able to treat the root canal, and in return take away the pain completely. He might want to prescribe you an antibiotic for you to take, which would remove any infection that you might have in your root canal.

Michelle: Also too, he might prescribe is like a crown, which is a covering of the tooth because that will prevent any pain that you might have to that root and prevent any future pain that you might have. Rinsing with warm salt water rinses is a great way to preventing root canal pain. It’s going to soothe your tooth. It’s going to soothe your gums. And these are all great methods and ways on how you can prevent root canal pain. But you definitely want to call your general dentist and therefore he would be able to help you out any further. My name’s Michelle and I’m a dental assistant with Solutions and I just explained to you on how you can prevent root canal pain.

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