What Causes Cavities

By March 2, 2018Uncategorized

There are plenty of ways to prevent cavities, but the first step is knowing what causes them. Check out this great video that we found to learn more about what causes cavities. Just in case the video doesn’t load properly, we have provided the transcript as well.


Michelle: So do you brush your teeth consistently but you still tend to have cavities and you just don’t know what’s causing it? Well my name’s Michelle and I’m a dental assistant with Solutions and I’m going to explain to you what causes cavities. If you eat a lot of sugar, that’s pretty much a good side effect of cavities because sugar breaks down into bacteria and then over a period of time, if the bacteria is not flushed out of the area or removed. And it’s just left there, then bacteria will turn into plaque and then plague sits on your teeth and then turns into decay and starts eating away and causes cavities in your teeth.

Michelle: So basically really trying to avoid sugary products as far as Coke or candy, any type of sticky type candies too because if you’re chewing on them. You’re embedding the sugar down into the grooves of your teeth and it’s really hard to get in there and just remove it with just a regular toothbrush. So really try to avoid those type of products, whenever you’re consuming them. If you just can’t avoid them and you have to have them. I know myself I just have to have my candy on a regular basis. Then really just try to rinse your mouth out with some good mouth rinse or brush and floss your teeth immediately after eating it. And this will prevent cavities in the future. So once again, my name’s Michelle and I’m a dental assistant with Solutions and I just explained to you on what causes cavities.

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