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    Our mission is to serve our patients with compassion, excellence, and value. Tate Eble, DDS., a Dentist in Franklin TN, understands that each patient comes to us with unique needs and concerns and it is our desire to address those needs and concerns with the utmost care and confidentiality. We are here to help our patients enjoy a lifetime of complete dental health through comprehensive general and restorative dentistry, periodontal treatments, cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and preventive dental care.


    I’m Lou Bradley and I’ve been with Dr. Eble since he opened the practice 6 years ago. I was gonna require a bridge and he built it right here; right back there. He said, “We could do that. It’ll save you money” and he did. Dr. Eble makes me feel comfortable because he’s friendly. He’s a southern gentleman. You know he, he seems to be engrossed in what he’s doing. Being not so much a quiet person but he’s thinking about what he’s doing. He doesn’t wear you out with the flappin’ of his gums ya know (laugh). He’s alright, I’m happy.

    I’ve been a patient of Dr. Eble’s for 7 months and I came specifically for 6-month smiles. I was entering my last year of college and I always had this large gap in-between my front top two teeth. I’m about to become a medical professional and I think your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. I really wanted to get it fixed. I read about the program. They use tooth colored brackets so the braces aren’t really noticeable on your teeth. With traditional braces, it takes years sometimes to correct your smile but with these, the treatment times are really amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Tate Eble because the staff is amazing, they offer the latest in dentistry, and above all the quality of care is amazing.

    My name is Emily and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Eble’s for about 2 years. Dawn’s always really welcoming when you come in which is always good to see a friendly face and smile welcoming you in just to kinda make you feel really at ease. I get really anxious when I come to the dentist. Even if it is just for a cleaning. I actually went on a 10-year dentist hiatus (laugh) and so that’s when I came to Dr. Eble. I did have a small cavity and just, the whole thought, of having anything like that done is just unnerving to me. And so, I would highly recommend Dr. Eble, and his team, for any of my family and friends, and even people that I don’t know, that are looking for a dentist in the area that you could feel comfortable with and they’re also very accommodating for your schedule to get you scheduled in hopefully before or after work or when you’re on a quick lunch break so you can go about your day.

    I’ve been coming here for 40 years and I’ve been seeing Dr. Eble for about 6 years now. I came here for a regular cleaning and I had a silver filling that was probably 40 years old and there was a crack in it. So the doctor told me, “Come back next week and we’ll get you set for a crown“. When Dr. Eble first sat me down and started using this wand in my mouth, and it sounded like a (inaudible), and I asked him what it was and he showed me the imaging that it was doing and it just amazed me (that) this local doctor used this kind of technology. And when they told me further that my crown was going to be done that day… I was here for 2 hours and it was done. And it cost about the same as any other crown has ever cost me so it was a really good, convenient process. I’m glad to see my doctor embrace this new technology, I wish more would, and I’ve told all my friends about what he’s done here and how wonderful the treatment was and the price was extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend Dr. Eble. I’ve been coming here for a long time. He’s a great doctor, he explains everything to you, but more importantly, I love his staff. They’re great people to work with and I have fun with them.

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    Frequently Asked Dental Questions

    What is dentistry?

    Dentistry is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions, disorders, and diseases of the teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw. Often considered necessary for complete oral health, dentistry can have an impact on the health of your entire body.

    Who is a dentist?

    A dentist is a specialist who works to diagnose, treat, and prevent oral health problems. Your Franklin TN Dentist has completed at least eight years of schooling and received either a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) degree or a DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine) degree. If your doctor is a pediatric dentist, this means that he or she specializes in caring for children from infancy through their teen years. A pediatric dentist has received the proper education and training needed to work with young kids. Other specializations include:

      • Endodontics (root canals)
      • Oral and maxillofacial (including pathology, radiology, and surgery)
      • Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics
      • Periodontics (gum disease)
      • Prosthodontics (implants)

    Why is visiting your dentist so important?

    Visiting the dentist regularly will not only help keep your teeth and mouth healthy but will also help keep the rest of your body healthy. Dental care is important because it:

      • Helps prevent tooth decay
      • Protects against periodontal (gum) disease, which can lead to tooth and bone loss
      • Prevents bad breath – brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist regularly will help reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath
      • Gives you a more attractive smile and increases your self-confidence
      • Helps keep teeth looking bright by preventing them from becoming stained by food, drinks, and tobacco
      • Strengthens your teeth so that you can enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles for the rest of your life!

    My teeth feel fine. Do I still need to see a dentist near me?

    Your teeth may feel fine, but it’s still important to see a dentist near you regularly because problems can exist without you knowing. Your smile’s appearance is important, and your dental team can help keep your smile healthy and looking beautiful. With so many advances in dentistry, you no longer have to settle for stained, chipped, missing, or misshapen teeth. Today’s dentists offer many treatment choices that can help you smile with confidence, including:

      • Professional teeth whitening
      • Fillings that mimic the appearance of natural teeth
      • Tooth replacement and full smile makeovers

    What should I look for when choosing the right dentist for me?

    Choosing a Dentist in Franklin TN who “clicks” with you and your family is important, and you may wish to consider several dentists before making your final decision. During your first visit, you should be able to determine whether the dentist is right for you. During your appointment, consider the following

      • Is the appointment schedule convenient?
      • Is the office easy to get to and close by?
      • Does the office appear to be clean and orderly?
      • Was your medical and dental history recorded and placed in a permanent file?
      • Does the dentist explain techniques for good oral health?
      • Is information about cost presented to you before treatment is scheduled?
      • Is your dentist a member of the ADA (American Dental Association)?

    How can I take care of my teeth between dental checkups?

      • ALWAYS remember to brush your teeth at least two times a day, and floss at least once!
      • Make sure to use toothpaste that contains fluoride, and ask your dentist if you need a fluoride rinse. This will help prevent cavities.
      • Avoid foods with a lot of sugar (sugar increases the amount of bacteria that grows in your mouth causing more plaque and possibly cavities) and avoid tobacco (this can stain your teeth, cause gum disease, and eventually lead to oral cancer).
      • Don’t be afraid to brush your tongue! By brushing your tongue, you will remove food particles and reduce the amount of plaque-causing bacteria. Tongue brushing also helps keep your breath fresh.
      • Be sure to schedule your routine checkup. It is recommended that you visit the dentist every six months.

    At what age should I start taking my child to see the dentist?

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that children first see a dentist as early as six months of age and no later than one year of age. During this time, your child’s baby teeth will be coming in and your dentist can examine the health of your child’s first few teeth. After the first visit, be sure to schedule regular checkups every six months.

    How often should I see a dentist?

    Children, teens, and adults should all see the dentist for a regular checkup at least once every six months. Patients who are at a greater risk for oral cancer or gum disease may be required to see the dentist more than just twice a year. Your doctor will help determine how often you should visit the dentist for regular checkups.

    What is a cavity?

    A cavity is a small hole that forms inside the tooth because of tooth decay. Cavities are formed when plaque buildup on the outside of the tooth combines with sugars and starches in the food you eat. This produces an acid that can eat away the enamel on your tooth. If a cavity is left untreated, it can lead to more serious oral health problems. Cavities can be prevented by remembering to brush your teeth at least two times a day and floss between teeth at least once.

    What is a filling?

    A filling is a synthetic material that your dentist uses to fill a cavity after all of the tooth decay has been removed. Fillings do not generally hurt because your dentist will numb your mouth with an anesthetic. Fillings are made from a variety of different materials, including composites, gold, or ceramic. If you need a filling, be sure to talk to your doctor about what type is best for you and your teeth.

    How often should I brush my teeth?

    According to your dentist and the American Dental Association, you should brush your teeth at least two times a day. Brushing keeps your teeth, gums, and mouth clean and healthy by removing bacteria-causing plaque. It is also recommended that you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste that contains fluoride when you brush your teeth. You should spend at least a minute on the top teeth and a minute on the bottom teeth, and remember to brush your tongue; it will help keep your breath smelling fresh!

    Why should I floss? Isn’t brushing enough?

    Flossing works to reduce the amount of bacteria found in your mouth. There are millions of microscopic, bacterial creatures that feed on food particles left on your teeth. The bacteria live in plaque buildup found between your teeth which can only be effectively removed by flossing. Brushing your teeth gets rid of some of the bacteria in your mouth but flossing gets rid of the bacteria hiding in the tiny spaces between your teeth that your toothbrush simply can’t reach. If you don’t floss, the plaque will remain between your teeth and become impacted, or hardened. This hardened plaque is what we refer to as tartar. Plaque can be removed by brushing and flossing regularly at home but only a dentist can remove tartar buildup from your mouth.

    If you’re unsure of the proper way to floss your teeth, ask your dentist at your next appointment to demonstrate the proper technique for you. At your follow-up appointment, you’ll both notice the difference in your teeth!

    What is plaque and why is it harmful?

    Plaque can develop on teeth when certain foods containing carbohydrates (starches & sugars) such as milk, soda, raisins, pastries, or candy are frequently left on the teeth. Bacteria that live in the mouth thrive on these types of foods and will produce acid as a result. Repeated exposure, over an extended period of time, will allow these acids to destroy your tooth enamel, resulting in tooth decay. Plaque can also develop on the roots of your teeth, directly under the gums, and cause the bone supporting the tooth to weaken and breakdown.

    When should I change my toothbrush?

    Your toothbrush will eventually wear out, especially if you are brushing your teeth twice a day for two to three minutes each time. Your dentist recommends that adults and children change their toothbrush every three months. If you are using an electric toothbrush, be sure to read the directions because you may not need to change toothbrush heads as frequently. Patients with gum disease are encouraged to change their toothbrush every four to six weeks to keep any bacteria from spreading. After brushing, rinse your toothbrush with hot water to kill germs and keep the bristles clean. If you’ve been sick, be sure to change your toothbrush as soon as possible.

    What is gum disease?

    Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease is mostly caused by plaque and bacteria buildup that is not treated in its early stage. Other causes of periodontal disease include tobacco use, teeth grinding, some medications, and genetics. Gingivitis is the beginning stage of gum disease, and, if detected, is treatable. Gingivitis left untreated may turn into gum disease. Advanced gum disease will lead to tooth and bone loss, and is a permanent condition. Brushing your teeth regularly and visiting the dentist every six months will help prevent gingivitis and more severe cases of periodontal disease. Common signs of gum disease:

      • Red, irritated, bleeding, or swollen gums
      • Chronic bad breath
      • Loose teeth, or loss of teeth
      • Extreme tooth sensitivity
      • Receding gum line
      • Abscessed teeth

    If I have braces, do I still need dental checkups every six months?

    Yes! In fact, it’s even more important that patients receiving orthodontic treatment visit their dentist regularly. With braces, food may be caught in places that your toothbrush can’t reach. This causes bacteria to build up and can lead to cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. Your Franklin TN Dentist will work closely with your orthodontist to make sure that your teeth stay clean and healthy while wearing braces.

    How do I schedule my next checkup?

    Simply call our practice! Our front desk staff will be happy to help schedule your next dental checkup at your convenience. If you are a new patient, please let us know and we will provide you with all the information you need for your first dental visit.

    Patient Reviews

    Dr. Eble and his staff are great. I have had Teresa for my hygienist for years, and would not consider a change. She is always positive and friendly. Always asks about my family, and even remembers their names. I am beyond impressed. I would give them more than 5 stars if it were an option.
    I love this dental practice. Theresa has been my dental hygienist for over 20 years. I cannot say enough good things about her - she is always so thorough in her work and she really takes the time to get to know you as a person. She’s just wonderful! I highly recommend going to Dr. Eble’s office!!!
    The staff is wonderful and always happy and upbeat. Theresa is the best and always makes the experience a positive one. I have been going to her for 11 years and glad she is part of the staff. I would highly recommend Dr. Eble and his staff.
    Extremely professional office staff and amazing service. They always accommodate your schedule to the best of their abilities and can work miracles. Dr. Eble is wonderful, kind, extremely knowledgeable and funny!!!!
    Dr. Eble recently replaced four fillings that were in need of repair. He did an excellent job. The work was painless. He took his time and made sure the work on my teeth was perfect. Dr. Eble is also very personable and friendly.
    Best dentist office ever! Everyone is super friendly and kind. Teresa cleans your teeth amazingly well. I am so glad my own children get to see Dr. Eble and Teresa. I would never want to go somewhere else. Quite certain I have the cleanest, healthiest teeth because of the awesome care I receive.
    We have gone to Dr. Eble since he came after Dr King. My husband & I have always been pleased with the skilled, friendly service received. Teresa is #1 at keep our smiles bright! Everyone in the office is top notch in our book.
    Great experience as always. Friendly staff, efficient and helpful. Theresa is the best! Won’t let anyone else clean my teeth.
    It is a wonderful place with great, genuine, caring and professional people! I️ look forward to my visit to the dentist. Dr. Eble and his staff are remarkable!!
    Everyone that helped me did a great job They answered my questions, worked on teeth, and gave me good advice concerning a future procedure. We have found our new dentist!
    This was absolutely, hands down the best experience I've ever had at a dentist's office! I am recommending this office to all of my family and friends.
    Teresa is the best there is! Glad my father recommended me to come here. Every single employee is amazing and they make you feel right at home.


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