What to Expect During a Teeth Cleaning Appointment

By February 2, 2018Uncategorized

We found this great video to help you prepare for your teeth cleaning appointment! Just in case the video doesn’t load properly, we have provided the video transcript for you.


Michelle: Are you getting ready to get your teeth cleaned for the first time and you just don’t know what to expect? My name’s Michelle and I’m a dental assistant with Solutions and I’m here to explain to you on what you should expect during your teeth cleaning.

Whenever you go see your general dentist, he’ll go ahead and do a thorough exam and therefore he will determine what type of cleaning you need. If you’re going to just get a basic regular cleaning by the hygienist, it’s pretty easy.

What you should expect is, of course, she’s going to be using a lot of dental instruments in your mouth, some are very sharp due to the fact that she has to get in there and scale underneath your gums in order to remove any plaque build up that might be underneath your gums.

You’re going to hear a lot of scraping, you might feel a lot of poking at the same time, but, it’s not necessarily painful, it’s just a slight discomfort whenever she’s in there scaling up underneath your gums. Especially if you don’t brush and floss normally. Especially flossing three times a day, you might have a little bit more discomfort than usual. That’s why it’s always best to floss at least three times a day if you can.

What you should expect is a lot of scaling, scraping, a lot of water. She’s going to need to flush out the area and then do a lot of suction too and hearing the suction.

It’s pretty easy on what you should expect when you go get your teeth cleaned as long as you keep up with your general dentist appointment, once every three months or once every six months depending on what schedule he puts you on. You shouldn’t have any discomfort with your teeth cleaning.

Once again, my name’s Michelle, I’m a dental assistant with Solutions and I just explained to you on what you should expect during your teeth cleaning.

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