What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

By February 2, 2018Uncategorized

Preparing for a tooth extraction can feel intimidating and confusing. We found this great video that explains what you can expect during your tooth extraction!

For your convenience, we have included the video transcript below.


Michelle: So are you getting ready to have a tooth extraction and you’re just don’t know what to expect? Well, my name’s Michelle and I’m a dental assistant with Solutions. And I’m here to explain to you on what you should expect during your tooth extraction.

At first when you go see your general dentist, of course, he’s going to get you numb with local anesthetic in that area. So if you’ve never been numb before, what it pretty much feels like is that the area, if you ever have your arm, like, fall asleep or your leg fall asleep and it feels like little pins and needles. That’s what the numbing sensation will feel like at first.

Then throughout the procedure, you actually become fully numb and then you won’t even feel a thing. The only thing that you should feel during a tooth extraction is a lot of pressure. Pressure because the dentist, what he needs to do is, he’s trying to push your gums away from the tooth. And then he’s actually wiggling the tooth in the socket to create it to become loose so, therefore, he go ahead and remove it from your mouth.

It’s pretty easy when you have a tooth extraction as long as that they’re simple extractions. And even with surgical extractions, they’re easy as long as you’re numb. But you definitely need to expect to feel a lot of pressure. And then you might feel a little bit discomfort, but it’s not necessarily pain, it’s just that uneasy pressure, discomfort type feeling.

So, once again, my name’s Michelle and I’m a dental assistant with Solutions. And I just explained to you on what you should expect during a tooth extraction.

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