3 Facial Implant Surgeons in Franklin

By October 9, 2017Uncategorized

A facial implant procedure can improve facial aesthetic issues due to a lack of chin or cheek definition. Here is a list of Facial Implant Surgeons near Franklin, TN.

Robbins Plastic Surgery

2201 Murphy Avenue Suite 407 Nashville, TN 37203 615-237-5552

Dr. Chad Robbins is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon that understands the importance of self-confidence and how your appearance can directly affect that. Robbins Plastic Surgery is conveniently located in Nashville nearby both Baptist and Centennial Hospital. Dr. Robbins was voted Best of Nashville by the Nashville Scene. He is Mayo Clinic-trained and specializes in Facial Aging, among other things. Your treatment plan will be designed specifically based on your own personal desires and needs. There are a wide variety of facial surgery options available, including: Brow Lift, Otoplasty, Ear Lobe Repair, Blepharoplasty, Facelift, Lip Augmentation, Neck Lift, Rhinoplasty, Cheek Implants, Facial Reconstruction, Chin Augmentation, and Fat Injections. Cheek Implants are made of a safe, synthetic composite. They are inserted around a patient’s existing cheekbones in order to create a more balanced proportion to the face. The size and contour of the cheek implants will be determined prior to the procedure, based on the patient’s desires and Dr. Robbins recommendations.

Cool Springs Plastic Surgery

1909 Mallory Lane Suite #104 Franklin, TN 37067 (615) 771-7718

Cool Springs Plastic Surgery has two board-certified Plastic Surgeons on hand to treat patients. Both Dr. John Moore and Dr. Paul Papillion provide a wide variety of facial procedures, including: Facelift, Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty), Rhinoplasty, Ear Reshaping, Ultherapy, and Chin Implant. Chin Implants are completed by inserting a safe, synthetic composite around the patient’s existing chin bone. This procedure is perfect for a patient that is searching to add more definition to their chin. Once placed, the chin implant looks and feels like a natural chin bone. Patients can complete any desired cosmetic and aesthetic treatment at here. Alongside facial procedures, Cool Springs Plastic Surgery can performed just about any procedure on any portion of the body. They also have a Skin Care Center alongside their surgery center where patients can receive: Botox, Laser Treatments, Chemical Peels, Waxing/Tinting, BBL, Microneedling, Skin Care, and more.

Dr. Nein

2400 Patterson St. Suite 202 Nashville, TN 37203 (615) 327-0201

Dr. Alexander G. Nein has been voted the best Cosmetic Surgeon in Nashville for three years by The Tennessean’s ‘Toast of Music City’ Reader’s Choice Awards. He trained in programs at Level 1 Trauma Centers, allowing him the experience of managing and treating the most severely ill and injured patients. This intense training gave him the necessary skills and judgement to ensure the best results, both medically and cosmetically. Alongside other Cosmetic Surgery Procedures, Dr. Nein specializes in Facial Implants. He provides facial implants alongside a wide range of facial cosmetic surgeries. Whether patients are searching for more definition in their chin or cheeks, Dr. Nein can complete both chin implants and cheek implants. Patients will consult with Dr. Nein prior to any procedure is completed in order to plan the best possible treatment and design for the implants, ensuring the aesthetic goals are met for each individual patient’s needs and desires.

Finding the right Plastic Surgeon for your facial implants is an important task. Hopefully this list helps you find the right one near Franklin.