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About Tate Eble, DDS. & Team
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Our mission is to serve our patients with compassion, excellence, and value. Tate Eble, DDS., a Dentist in Franklin TN, understands that each patient comes to us with unique needs and concerns and it is our desire to address those needs and concerns with the utmost care and confidentiality. We are here to help our patients enjoy a lifetime of complete dental health through comprehensive general and restorative dentistry, periodontal treatments, cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening, and preventive dental care.



Whether you have anxiety or need a lot of procedures done at once our Franklin Dentist Office will make you feel comfortable in the chair using the latest in sedation dentistry.



Want a straighter smile but don’t want the metal or the 2-year wait that comes with traditional braces? Ask us about our Six Month Smiles Clear Adult Cosmetic Braces!



Experience the advantages of CEREC one-day dental restorations, without impressions or having to come back to place your new tooth. We’ll mill your new tooth right in our Franklin Dentist office!


I’m Lou Bradley and I’ve been with Dr. Eble since he opened the practice 6 years ago. I was gonna require a bridge and he built it right here; right back there. He said, “We could do that. It’ll save you money” and he did. Dr. Eble makes me feel comfortable because he’s friendly. He’s a southern gentleman. You know he, he seems to be engrossed in what he’s doing. Being not so much a quiet person but he’s thinking about what he’s doing. He doesn’t wear you out with the flappin’ of his gums ya know (laugh). He’s alright, I’m happy.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Eble’s for 7 months and I came specifically for 6-month smiles. I was entering my last year of college and I always had this large gap in-between my front top two teeth. I’m about to become a medical professional and I think your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. I really wanted to get it fixed. I read about the program. They use tooth colored brackets so the braces aren’t really noticeable on your teeth. With traditional braces, it takes years sometimes to correct your smile but with these, the treatment times are really amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Tate Eble because the staff is amazing, they offer the latest in dentistry, and above all the quality of care is amazing.

My name is Emily and I’ve been a patient of Dr. Eble’s for about 2 years. Dawn’s always really welcoming when you come in which is always good to see a friendly face and smile welcoming you in just to kinda make you feel really at ease. I get really anxious when I come to the dentist. Even if it is just for a cleaning. I actually went on a 10-year dentist hiatus (laugh) and so that’s when I came to Dr. Eble. I did have a small cavity and just, the whole thought, of having anything like that done is just unnerving to me. And so, I would highly recommend Dr. Eble, and his team, for any of my family and friends, and even people that I don’t know, that are looking for a dentist in the area that you could feel comfortable with and they’re also very accommodating for your schedule to get you scheduled in hopefully before or after work or when you’re on a quick lunch break so you can go about your day.

I’ve been coming here for 40 years and I’ve been seeing Dr. Eble for about 6 years now. I came here for a regular cleaning and I had a silver filling that was probably 40 years old and there was a crack in it. So the doctor told me, “Come back next week and we’ll get you set for a crown“. When Dr. Eble first sat me down and started using this wand in my mouth, and it sounded like a (inaudible), and I asked him what it was and he showed me the imaging that it was doing and it just amazed me (that) this local doctor used this kind of technology. And when they told me further that my crown was going to be done that day… I was here for 2 hours and it was done. And it cost about the same as any other crown has ever cost me so it was a really good, convenient process. I’m glad to see my doctor embrace this new technology, I wish more would, and I’ve told all my friends about what he’s done here and how wonderful the treatment was and the price was extremely reasonable. I would highly recommend Dr. Eble. I’ve been coming here for a long time. He’s a great doctor, he explains everything to you, but more importantly, I love his staff. They’re great people to work with and I have fun with them.

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